Keep Your Chin Up

KP Cls upKeep your chin up! Literally and figuratively riders need to keep their chin up. Judges can tell an exhibitor’s demeanor from the slant of the rider’s head. Confident riders look ahead. Insecure riders often look down frequently or focus on the horse’s head. The eyes forewarn the judge of corrections just made or convey the concern for danger ahead. None the less, downcast eyes tip your hand and alert the judge to your apprehension. Judges will look elsewhere for their winner.

It is impossible to know where you are going if your eyes are always on the ground. Those who see only a few feet in front of them will never see the hole until they are in it. They won’t see the horse stopped in their way until they too must stop to avoid crashing. While looking down you miss the fork in the trail, the sign telling you opportunity is to the left, closed doors to the right. You follow a path, perhaps one traveled by others, often ending up somewhere you did not want to be.

Short sightedness short circuits goal achievement. It is easy to become trapped on a course of unintended consequences seen only after it is too late to make the appropriate change. And seen only when you stop and look ahead. While it is important to focus on each step along the way, only when you can see the big picture can you make the appropriate adjustments to turn your dreams into reality.

Of course the traditional meaning of the idiom keep your chin up also pertains to riders. It is imperative to keep a good attitude, not to let a bad situation get you down and to know that things will get better. The words are encouragement for anyone with a burden to bear. And riders of all ages and stages encounter burdens and become saddled with doubt and worry.

Benefits of holding your chin up:

  • Broadens your view
  • Allows you to see opportunity ahead
  • Shows confidence
  • Brings confidence when you are not feeling it
  • Telegraphs a winning attitude

Keep your chin up – it will keep you pointed in the right direction, literally and figuratively.