Try Something New


Routine, structure and procedures are proven methods of success. However, it is equally important to try new things. Without breaking out of your mold, you become stagnant and stop learning. When learning stops, enthusiasm is stymied and before long, a new winner is crowned.

Trying new methods, tools, classes or techniques keeps the program fresh. It offers insight, even if by failure, and solutions to problems that puts you in a position to achieve your goals.

Last weekend, I did just that, stepped into a new arena – western dressage. The event attracted attention from the myriad Quarter Horse exhibitors showing across disciplines at Fox Lea Farm in Venice, Florida. My test was far from perfect as evidenced by photos and reflected in my scores, but it was fun and inspiring. The change in venue refreshed my outlook, reminded me of things I used to do and I gained valuable knowledge.

People often avoid change choosing instead to stay in their comfort zone. But branching out and trying new methods does more than stretch boundaries. It creates flexibility increasing the ability to adapt to new situations. Flexibility prevents a bad situation from gaining control over outcome.  You quickly alter the plan nullifying any negative consequences.

Without change there can be no forward progress. And the only way to change is to try something new. Letting go of preconceived notions or fear of failure inspires change. Opportunity knocks on the doors of diversity. When you feel yourself getting stuck, stop.  Literally stop, turn and go in a different direction.

Change will happen with or without your consent. And it will happen whether you embrace it or pretend it does not belong to you. Stagnation is the enemy of progress. Try something new and keep an open mind to the results. Good or bad, there is much to be learned and experienced. The results will set you on the course to achieve your goals.

One thought on “Try Something New

  1. Lisa

    How fun! Western dressage seems like it would be a perfect fit for so many of us but it is so natural to be afraid of the unknown.

    Thanks for posting your comments and lovely photo to encourage my horse and I to take the plunge!

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