Thank Goodness!

Di W KidsFor the last two weeks I was in Oklahoma City at the AQHA World Championship Show coaching, competing and reporting for on events of the day. It was my first attempt at being a “reporter” and I have a new respect for those who crank out the daily news. Depending on my day, sometimes I had to look harder than others to find good things to report on.

Like many, I become nocturnal at the World Show, riding during the night while still trying to take care of business or showing during the day. It is often grueling and easy to lose sight of the greater good – the successes of the season that brought us all together in Oklahoma City. Upon returning home, I was immediately grateful for a full nights sleep – hearing no alarm at 2 a.m. and knowing I could sleep through the night.

This is the time of my year for reflection, reorganization and thanksgiving, and I do not mean the holiday, although I enjoy that too. Thanksgiving is something that I often forget about while vying for a big title, preparing a horse for their current/biggest competition or coaching a rider at their most prestigious show of the season. Sometimes I want things so badly for the owner, the horse or the rider, that I lose sight of everything around me I am grateful for.

We who touch horses are so fortunate. I cannot imagine my life without this beast we call horse. Horses have been my life, and through horses I have met and worked with the most amazing people. My family has grown exponentially, my wisdom enlightened by the wise men and women I have been fortunate enough to meet and my life enriched through their knowledge.

This year as I reflect on the successes and failures of my season, it is with gratitude for all the experiences that have brought me to this point. Science has proven that those with a grateful attitude live happier healthier lives. The cool thing is that giving thanks costs nothing, has euphoric results and is completely within our control.

I am grateful for those who read my work and hope each takes something away from my writing. Good or bad – we have an opportunity to be the benefactor from every experience. I have so much to be grateful for, so many people to give thanks to – and so much of the good is due to the horse and all that the horse has brought to my life.

My mantra is to live by Paul’s counsel  “in everything give thanks” (1 Thessalonians 5:18). May this be the time when Thanksgiving warms your heart and fills your soul with all that is good in this life.

Reporting from the comfort of my home office, dog at my feet, sounds of family around me.

SL Rusty W14

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