H&I WalkDo you ever think about how the little choices made every day might affect your future? Many choices have little bearing on the things that really matter in life, like the shirt you are wearing at this moment.

And yet, you chose the shirt you are wearing for a particular reason. Maybe it is cold out and the shirt looked warm. Or maybe you knew you had to meet with the boss today so you wore something that makes you feel strong and invincible. Maybe you are getting ready for the World Championship Show and you put on your favorite riding shirt because it makes you feel like a champion.

The point is you make choices for a reason. And each choice has a consequence. If you want to achieve a specific goal the decisions you make every day will affect your ability to achieve that goal.

Assessing your accomplishments and your current station in life requires that you also look at the choices you have made along the way. Make sure the decisions you make every day are aligned with your goals.

If you want to be the best Equitation rider in your area but always decide to ride without irons tomorrow, you are hindering your ability to achieve your goal and putting off your dreams. However, if you decide today is the day you ride without irons, you take a giant step on the path to accomplishing your objective.

You are in control of your destiny with each decision you make. Write down your goals then make a list of action steps you will take to accomplish your goals. Look at this list first thing every day so that each decision you make all day furthers your cause. If there is a particular step that is difficult for you to do, put a sticky note next to or on the gear needed to do that task. It will help remind you to make the right choice – the one that will put you closer to achieving your goals.

Striving for your goals should be fun. Take pleasure in each step along the way. At first, making good choices may seem as if you are giving something up. But often it is the little decisions, like riding without irons that have the biggest impact and generate the greatest satisfaction. You are free to choose your course of action but the consequences follow as natural result of the choices you make.

Only you can determine the importance of the choices you make