Get Back on the Horse

Christ WAwayTalking with a friend today, she recounted a story about someone getting bucked off never to return to the saddle. After hanging up with my friend, I could not help but continue to think about the loss suffered by those who never return to the horses. This time of year it is especially evident that there are thousands of us who would never give up that easily.

Those of us who can pick ourselves up, dust off our jeans and climb back on the horse have experienced more than just a little delight in the ability to fend off the foes. Whatever the demons each of us struggle with, it is the ability to humble ourselves and  to accept the lessons that come from the fall that determine who we are.

With more than 17,000 entries, the majority of exhibitors go home from the Congress without a trophy. But for the determined, the drive or flight home offers time to strategize for the coming year. The winners will get back on that horse, or perhaps a different horse, and return to the pen to try again for the big prize.

They will not let a little thing like not making a split prevent them from reaching for their goals. No, they will get back on that horse, try harder and come better prepared the next time. Winners, in and out of the arena, enjoy the preparation, look back with fondness instead of bitterness and look forward to the next ride knowing it will take them one step closer to turning dreams into reality.

Getting back on the horse means never giving up on your dreams

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