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Team Spirit

10968551_10204183404477557_8294998042190058390_nLast weekend I had the pleasure of working with the University of Wisconsin River Falls Equestrian Team. It is always fun to work with riders who are  passionate about their riding. But working with teams is different – they work as a cohesive unit, with a single common goal – to win as a team. Team spirit  is one for all and all for one and for the Falcons, with coach Janie Huot leading, the girls that comprise this team epitomize team spirit.

IHSA riders amaze me. Their dedication and work ethic is incredible but what always strikes me with IHSA riders is their passion for the team. They work for the success of the entire group – something often hard to find in tour fast paced world.

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Showing – An Investment In Your Future

Today after struggling to get an answer from a customer service department, the thought occurred to me that the person in charge would make a lousy horse trainer. In fact, they would probably not be successful in the show ring at all!

 People who show horses possess remarkable talents. The characteristics that make for success in the show ring are the same traits sought by employers, partners  and leaders. Do any research on “characteristics of good ….” and you will see for yourself.

 The traits employers look for are identical to those required by good riders to find success in the show ring – traits that are developed by people who show horses or any livestock for that matter. Continue reading