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H&I WalkDo you ever think about how the little choices made every day might affect your future? Many choices have little bearing on the things that really matter in life, like the shirt you are wearing at this moment.

And yet, you chose the shirt you are wearing for a particular reason. Maybe it is cold out and the shirt looked warm. Or maybe you knew you had to meet with the boss today so you wore something that makes you feel strong and invincible. Maybe you are getting ready for the World Championship Show and you put on your favorite riding shirt because it makes you feel like a champion. Continue reading

Get Back on the Horse

Christ WAwayTalking with a friend today, she recounted a story about someone getting bucked off never to return to the saddle. After hanging up with my friend, I could not help but continue to think about the loss suffered by those who never return to the horses. This time of year it is especially evident that there are thousands of us who would never give up that easily.

Those of us who can pick ourselves up, dust off our jeans and climb back on the horse have experienced more than just a little delight in the ability to fend off the foes. Whatever the demons each of us struggle with, it is the ability to humble ourselves and  to accept the lessons that come from the fall that determine who we are.

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Congress Character Building

Congress Win 1Showing horses is not just fun – it offers more opportunities than any sport I know of to build character. For one thing, I cannot think of a sport more humbling than showing horses. You can have a great ride and feel on top of the world as you win or hear your name called out. And the very next step, your horse can spook and toss you like a bad chip.

Or, as happens to the majority here in Columbus, Ohio, you show all year at home winning with ease preparing for this one big horse show called the Congress. You diligently practice, doing your homework, preparing for this one big event. Then, when the day arrives, you and your horse perform flawlessly, doing everything exactly as you practiced – yet you do not make the split.

Or not.

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Good Starts on Course

SHOWshowmanship23Congress is here. Parents, trainers, coaches and riders are madly making final preparations. Expectant participants anxiously wait for the day to come when they arrive in Columbus. It won’t be long now, the show will be in full swing and everyone will be there, stepping up to the cone.

 It always seems so easy at home: you walk up to the cone, close your leg and off you go. Yet at the horse shows, it often does not go so well.  One of the biggest mistakes riders make is not replicating the scenario at the horse show.

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