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Good Starts: Cone 1 Collection

5 10 14.2The best way to get off to a good start is to start at home! It sounds like a broken record, but the best performances originate at home with proper preparation ahead of the performance. With that in mind, here are some steps to get you off to a good start at the first cone beginning from home ending with good starts in the show pen.

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Willfully Guided

 Zach trot cropDoes your horse understand the difference between punishment and discipline? Do you, as a rider, understand the difference between the two? Horses and riders often get confused between what is discipline and what is punishment. While some horses cannot understand the distinction between the two, most can and the resulting difference in their reaction is night and day.

One instills fear evoking reactions from the horse that are fear based and the other furthers your communication, fine tuning the horse’s training. One creates more problems, spooking, overreaction, kick-outs, running off, and the other creates confidence, better departures, more seamless transitions and lighter aids.

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5 Winning Action Steps

Team Gif: NSBA Winners Karla Friedli with Hannah & Margie Buchholz

Team Gif: Karla Friedli, Gifford, Hannah & Margie Buchholz    Photo Credit Rachel Reilly

Most people go through life and wish they had the money for a fancy outfit, a full time trainer or a better horse. Yet most of the winners, those who repeatedly find success in and out of the show ring, don’t have a wish list at all. Instead they embrace challenge, take responsibility for their results and ownership of their destiny and understand sacrifice.

Last week we looked at those behaviors listed above that successful people have in common. Below are 5 action steps commonly used by high achievers.

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